Crown Academy of the Sword

This is what classical fencing looks like.

Classical fencing is simply the proper use of a sword AS IF IT WERE SHARP.

Classical fencing is NOT connected to a particular historical period, or to a particular historical fencing master, or to a particular weapon.
We practice longsword, rapier and dagger, sabre (mounted and dismounted) and smallsword.
We are not "re-enacting" or "interpreting" some ancient practice, any more than today's carpenter is "re-enacting" some ancient art when he/she uses a hammer.

Classical fencing is the use of the sword in accordance with its function in a manner that optimizes the user's chances for survival in a fight.
The tactical, strategic, and psychological principles involved are applicable to a wide range of situations.

Like classical music (according to the Harvard Dictionary of Music), classical fencing strives toward a particular ideal of "poise, balance, proportion, simplicity, formal discipline, craftmanship, and universal and objective (rather than idiosyncratic and subjective) expression," affording us a "standard or model of excellence that has enduring value."

What We Do
In the simplest possible terms, what we do is study and practice sword-fighting.
Why We Do It
The sword is our vehicle for self-mastery.
Who We Are
Maître d'Armes Adam Adrian Crown
Maître d'Armes Linda Wyatt

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