Adam Adrian Crown received his fencing master diploma in 1980 under the tutelage of Maître Jean-Jacques Gillet, then-head fencing coach at Cornell University.
He is also a fifth degree black belt in karate and has studied a variety of martial disciplines including iaido, aikido, ju jitsu and boxing.

Maître Crown has a bachelors degree in cinema studies and a masters degree in organizational communication, both from Ithaca College, and he is a certified Fire & Life Safety Educator.

The Master has a passionate love of horses, and is an out-spoken advocate of non-coercive "sustainable" horsemanship.
He is a musician, author and composer and enjoys all kinds of music, particularly classical, jazz, blues and flamenco.

Maître Crown is the creator of the IFV Classical Fencing Method, and author of "Classical Fencing: The Martial Art of Incurable Romantics."

Maître Crown teaches rapier, rapier and dagger, longsword, sabre, boxing fundamentals, basic self-defense awareness for women, and sustainable horsemanship.

Linda Wyatt apprenticed with Maître Crown in 2000 and has worked with him on a daily basis since then.
Of the dozen or so apprentices who have attempted to become instructors, Ms. Wyatt is the only one to meet Maître Crown's high standards, and then to excel and rise to the rank of Maître d'Armes.

She is also IFV Director of Development and a certified Fire and Life Safety Educator.
She is a single Mom of three adult children in an unschooling family, as well as a volunteer firefighter and EMT, and a former La Leche League Leader and Girl Scout Leader. She is a Certified Lab Instructor, assisting with teaching EMT classes.

Maître Wyatt teaches the introductory class, and teaches rapier, rapier and dagger, longsword and sabre. She also teaches CPR and Functional First Aid.

Current Assistants

Introductory classes are assisted by some of our very capable and enthusiastic fencing students.

In addition to our "official" assistant, we occasionally are joined by other more advanced students.

Tim Wyatt has been studying with us off and on since 2000. While he is not yet qualified to be an instructor, he leads warm-ups and footwork, and assists with demonstrations of skills in class. In addition to assisting in the intro class, he is also working to improve his own fencing skills, and is a musician, playing the piano and composing.

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