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If you have visited our website before, you will no doubt be struck by the new spartan design as well as by some of the "radical" new content.

I advise all my students to acquire the habit of continually questioning what they think they know, and why they think they know it. I strongly advocate regular critical examination of one's most fundamental assumptions and core beliefs.

Most people never do any such thing.

But we few -- we happy few --are not "most people."

We continually question. We experiment. We peel away layers of the onion looking for a deeper truth, a truer truth, gained through direct experience. We quest after what is true and just and right. We do not accept any notion as true simply because "that's the way we've always done it," or because some "authority" has said it must be so. As a result we do tilt at some windmills. But we also slay a few dragons.

The "new look" of our website is the result of our on-going quest, which has brought us new revelations, new clarity, new understanding, and renewed purpose.

We hope it will meet with your approval.

And that you will join the quest.

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